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'His Dark Materials Portal Recreation'

The BBC series His Dark Materials inspired me to recreate something from the show. I decided on the portal for several reasons. Not only is it a very iconic object from the show, but it also reminded me of the portals you would find in the videogame 'Portal'. I have always been fascinated by non Euclidean geometry so making this was very entertaining and I feel that the final product looks great.


This video takes inspiration from movies and tv shows such as Star Wars and Star Trek. For this video I wanted to try and show what it would look like, from an ordinary person's perspective, when a ship invades. This video was one of the first times I experimented with 3D objects inside After Effects. I found figuring out the correct ways of moving and lighting the ship to be challenging, but I learnt a lot from it and it was a stepping stone for future projects.

'AR Hologram Car Park'

Is there any space more bland than a car park? The combination of grey slabs of concrete and faded white lines makes me snore. I found inspiration for this video, while waiting for a lift home. I wondered what a car park in the future would look like? I imagined it as a sort of cyberpunk future where holograms guided you as your drove around, ensuring that you followed the rules. This video ended up being one of my favourites. The way the holograms move is very organic and I don't think I could have executed it any better!


The inspiration for 'cow cow cow' came from a trip to Cambridge. I spotted a statue of a cow... then another one... and another. It turned out there was an ongoing art exhibition called "Cows Around Cambridge". During my stay, I photographed each cow I saw from several angles. The idea was to put these photos together to make the cow look as if it was spinning (as you can see from 1:21 to 1:35 in the video). However, I then had the idea of making it look like the entire reason I went to Cambridge was because of the cows, so I recorded some footage of the car ride, and once home recorded the opening scene.

'Retro-Futurism NES Cartridge'

I have always been a fan of retro technology, especially video games. Looking back on what people managed to accomplish with the technology of their time, small amount of RAM and slow processors, amazed me. What I especially enjoyed, was when people in the past attempted to make futuristic scenes. Of course they couldn't predict the future so what we ended up with was a blend of old design with fantastical technology. This is what I was aiming for with this video, an old game that has been fitted out with a 3D video screen. I could imagine this being used to advertise the game in stores, to catch the attention of the shopper and give an idea of how the game would work!