Will Griff

Youtube: William Griff

Email: willgriff.business@gmail.com


Here is a collection and breakdown of some of my best VFX projects, all collected in one place. For my inspiration behind each project, head over to the Videos page or click the 'Videos' button above!


My passion for programming comes from a place of creativity and puzzle solving. The feeling of finally cracking the puzzle, of getting  a piece of code to run, or fixing a long standing issue is rivalled to none. The programming language I use is Python. This was the language I learnt on my Computer Science A Level course. I believe it to be a very robust and adaptable language, with an extensive range of libraries that allows almost anything to be accomplished. I've built several graphical user interfaces and used it with SQLite to manage a booking system database.

To see some of the things I have made, click the 'programming' button above!

Graphic Design

The process of conceptualising something, and then illustrating it is an extremley cathartic and satysfying feeling. Although this is a skill that I am no expert at I am happy to see how Im progressing and improving with each piece that I create. I have even listed some of these pieces on online retail platforms and have sold a few t-shirts and stickers with these designs!

To see the pieces I have made, click the 'Graphich Design' button above!