'Minecraft Calculator'

At first you may think that Minecraft is a very simple game, but as you get more into the technical side of things, you need to perform more and more complex calculations. I made this tool to try to speed this up when I play the game.

The GUI was made using the Tkinter library, as a practice for my school project.
Credit to 'Grubby' for the formula used in the stronghold triangulation

'Horse Game'

This is my take on the "Clicker genre". This 'game' involves clicking buttons to make horses, which you use to buy hay bales, which in turn every second make one horse, and you can use the hay bales to buy stables...and so get the point!

This was less of me trying to make an actual game and more an experiment into using Threading in Python, to run code in parallel. It was also an experiment to see how ludicrously big the numbers can get after a while!