Graphic Design

Here is a collection of digital artwork that I have made during my spare time. These designs have been listed on sites such as Redbubble for purchace!

"Skill Issue" Retro Design

This design is inspired by retro designs from the 70's/80's with a vaporwave inspired colour scheme alongside some some classic palm trees. 

As I was intending on selling this design I opted to use the words 'Skill Issue', a commonly used phrase on the internet that created a funny juxtaposition with the retro design and modern humour.

Uranium Drink

This design was mostly an exercise in creating 60's style retro logo for an imaginary brand. Of course, I wanted it to be slightly humorous so I designed it around a 'Uranium Drink', playing off the fact that before we knew better, radioactive material used to be included in many household products such as 'heated blankets' and 'glow in the dark watches'.

The piece also contains small details such as the '235' being an extremley volitile form of uranium,  and '1992' being a nod to the number 92; the elements atomic number.

The Last of Us x Mandolorian

During January 2023, 'The Last of Us' tv show aired alongside a new Series of 'The Mandalorian'. These two shows releasing at the same time was humorous as Pedro Pascal starred in both. To commemorate this coincidence and the fact that I was a fan of both at the time, I decided to create this piece of Ellie from TLOU and Grogu, together, in front of a picturesque sunset.