During my first year of university, I partook in a photography module. The experience was surprisingly fun and sparked a new interest into this artform. Here are a few of my favourite pictures from the module and more!

London Bike-rack

This was one of the photos taken during the photography module at university. Because of this I was given the opportunity to use a Cannon EOS 1300D camera.

The photo was taken not too far outside of the university at a bike rack of for-hire electric bikes. One of the requirements of this module was a photo that gave a semblence of 'balance'  and this was the photo I submitted for it.

Bikes and a Busy Road

As mentioned in the description for the photo above, for the photography module certain briefs needed to be met. One of them was to take two photos in the same location that envoked a feeling of 'Balance' and another of 'Unease'. This photo is for the latter. 

Yet again this is using the Cannon EOS 1300D provided by the university.

Contrasting Walls

Another requirement for the photography module was for a portrait photo. For this we where given freedom to try and capture any style and emotion we wanted. While exploring the area in London with a group of my friends I stumbled upon a large, colourfull piece of graffiti next to a bland and decrepid looking wall. I asked my friend to lean against the wall and took this photo. 

I'm happy with how this came out, with the contrast between both sides of the frame creating a large juxtaposition whilst also remaining balanced and symmetrical. If I where to re-take the photo agan I would have moved backwards or increased the focal length for the photo to capture more of the wall and make the subject smaller in the frame, althgouh how it stands I am happy with the result.

Tropical Cards

This photo and the next few where all taken whilst on holiday. The photos where taken using a simple phone camera with slight tweaks to black/white levels and colour after the fact.

This photo was taken whilst waiting for some of the family to get ready to go to a restaurant, where I had a deck of animal themed playing cards and a piña colada in hand when inspiration hit me. I created a small scene of scattered cards (picking out the most fitting animal to be centre frame) and took this tropical themed photo!

A View of Paradise

This is definitely the most experimental photo of the bunch. While sitting with family on the same holiday I noticed that the sunglasses my father wore on his shirt collar where reflecting a very satisfying light. So with a quick photo and some (quite heavy) colour adjustments I created a photo that came out pretty good, especially as I came up with the idea, took the photo, and edited it all in about 5 minutes on my phone!