3D Printing

3D Spiral Vase  (Made by BigBadBison)

This vase was one of my very first prints, and in my opinion shows why 3D printing is such an interesting form of creation. If this vase where to be made by any other means, such as injection moulding, it would have to be in two parts and attached together due to the pattern's shape. Instead, when printing it builds the vase up layer by layer meaning structures like this are incredibly easy.  Even though the vase is constructed from thousands of individual layers, it is waterproof.

Mini Octopus (Made by McGybeer)

This small octopus is not only very cute, but it also showcases another very interesting feature of 3D printing. You are able to create a component with moving parts, without any further assembly. This octopus's tentacles articulate, but they did this straight off of the print bed with zero assembly or modification. In this case it was used to make a cute figurine but NASA have already used design's with the same technique to make a working wrench that was constructed and then used in space! 


NES Cartridge Holder (Made by me!)

Of course, the best thing about 3D printing is being able to model and then make an object that you would never be able to get anywhere else. In this case, I had an NES cartridge lying around with no case, so to avoid dust getting in the connection, I measured the cartridge and made a snug holder for it. The round holes on the top are the same size as the feet on the bottom, so if I where to print of some more, I could stack them for easy storage!